DJ Sabby E Liquid
DJ Sabby E Liquid

By Nobahle Setlogelo

Hanging out with DJ Sabby, chatting about that Vape Life

Y Mag hung out with YFM’s DJ Sabby to chat more about his recently launched line of vaping e-liquids. Here’s what he had to say about the best e-liquid ever brought to us by DJ sabby and Kush Koncepts.

Q: What is the name of your vape e-liquid line?

A: It’s called The Best Vape Ever, because DJ Sabby, The Best Thing Ever. 

Q: Why did you decide to venture into this particular line of business?

A: I started losing interest in Hubbly, or Hookah as others call it and also the fact that cigarettes as well as Hubbly have such enormous health risks, I needed an alternative. Then a friend of mine introduced me to vaping, I looked it up, did some research and there were so many reasons that made vaping seem like a much better option. In addition, I knew of Kush Concepts and wasn’t looking to just be an ambassador, there was a need for me to be involved on a deeper level and it had to make sense to the bottom line.

Q: When did you start the e-liquid line?

A: Well we officially launched like two months ago. We’re still putting in a lot of work, it’s a hard market to crack, and it’s a lot of work considering that it’s a fairly new thing.

Q: Who is vaping targeted at or made for?

A: My prime market is for people who smoke Hubbly. I’m trying to show them that look, why have this large hubby bubbly with heavy glass that’s very prone to falling over and shattering, the coal and water, it’s all too much.  With vaping you can switch and change flavours with no hassle more importantly it’s much less harmful than cigarettes so its a good alternative for cigarettes and good for people who are trying to quit smoking. E-liquid comes in different amounts of nicotine that you want, giving you the control of how much nicotine you want to take in.

Q: If I wanted to buy myself one, how much would it cost me upfront?

A: Well we run so many specials, because it’s still a brand new project, we’re still trying to get people to familiarise themselves  with the product. So if you go online at at the moment, it goes for R149.00, possibly the cheapest in the market for the volume that we’re offering our customers and if you’re in Gauteng we deliver it to you in a space of two hours, and anywhere else in SA we courier it, which takes about a day to arrive, the latest is two to three days.

Q: Will vaping save me money as the alternative to conventional cigarettes?

A: Yes most definitely! Cigarettes are quite expensive, considering that there are people who smoke a pack a day. Not only does it save you money but it’ll possibly buy you a few more years of life in retrospect.

DJ Sabby Passion Fruit and Lime E LIquid Group
DJ Sabby Passion Fruit and Lime E LIquid Group

Q: Any safety measure or precautions regarding the e-liquid that you’re like to share?

A: So the hole where e-liquid is poured into the vape device is relatively small so we put a lot of thought into how we can ensure its easy to pour and doesn’t spill when re-filling. It’s important more so if you have little ones around you or are a parent, so you don’t have to worry about kids possibly licking or drinking the e-liquid at any point in time before, during or after refilling your vape device.

Q: Do you have any idea wether vaping is permitted in non-smoking areas in South Africa?

A: That’s a big loop-hole I feel, we vape everywhere. Sometimes when I’m walking in the mall and I’m vaping they stop me and I’m like, but you need to put up a sign, let these things be officially known and declared. I’ve been made to vape under a smoke detector in a building and the detector didn’t go off, so that speaks volumes.

Q: Is it safe to vape on an airplane?

A: I can’t be too sure. With airlines it’s a bit tricky because nobody has taken the risk of actually doing that in a plane, I haven’t tried it myself but that would be a good conversation to have.

Q: Are your e-liquids scented or flavoured?

A: Yes, they are. In fact the 1st flavour I launched was Passionfruit and Lime. I wanted to appeal to people that love fruity, dessert like flavors, at the same time trying to appeal to people who are into Hubbly Bubbly. We are looking into introducing more flavours in the future.

Q: Do you offer e-liquids that are nicotine free?

A: Yes, I have 0.0 level, 0.3 and 0.6. If you’re a smoker trying to gradually quit smoking, you can start at 0.6 level and work your way down to 0.0 nicotine level.

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